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The Boy at The Track




One day, a taxi driver in Toronto, Canada, passes a horserace track. Every day around the horserace track, kids run to arriving taxis, open the door of the taxis and say: “Good luck Mister!”. They hope to get a quarter from the person getting out of the taxi for doing this. Sometimes they succeed, but most of the time they fail. They all behave very bold, push each other away and open the car doors very aggressively, except for one boy. He behaves modestly and kind, and therefore gets pushed aside by other kids all the time. But he never gives up. When the taxi driver decides to help him however, it seems too late. Still, this boy taught the taxi driver a valuable lesson: when things start to look hopeless, never give up. If you keep trying to solve your problems and achieve your goals, then even the worst situations will become positive. If you never try to achieve something, you will always fail. Do your best, then you will always be rewarded.

Many years ago I drove a taxi for extra money. I primarily worked in the east endof Toronto. This was back in the days when the Greenwood Racetrackwas in operation.


The track was a pretty livelyplace. Crowds of people were always streamingin and out. I did a lot of business down there dropping offfares and picking them up. When I think of those days, I remember one particular summer about 30 years ago.





1. Primarily (adv.) [praɪ'mɛrəli] 首先;主要地,根本上

2. East end (noun) 东区

3. Greenwood Racetrack (noun) 格林伍德赛马场

4. Was in operation (expression, from: to be + in operation) 在营业中

5. Lively (adj.) ['laɪvli] 活泼的;生动的;真实的;生气勃勃的

6. Streaming (verb, from: to stream) ['strimɪŋ]流动(stream的ing形式)

7. Dropping off (phrasal verb, from: to drop off) 此处指出租车落客



Each time a taxi drove up to the front of the track, a group of local kids would run along the sidewalk angling fora position by the passenger door. One lucky kid, or to be more accurate the most aggressivekid, would open the passenger door and say “Good luck at the track, Mister!”

每当有出租车开到赛马场门前时,都会有一群当地的孩子沿着人行道跑过来, 抢占出租车停下来时乘客门的位置。某个幸运的孩子,或者更准确地说是最积极的孩子,医度网,会打开乘客门,说一句:“先生,祝您在赛马场好运!”

The man getting out of the cab would invariablymumble‘thanks’ and flipthe kid a quarteron his way from the taxi to the entrance of the track.





8. Sidewalk (noun) ['saɪdwɔk] 人行道

9. Angling for (phrasal verb, from: to angle for something) 谋求

10. Passenger door (noun) 乘客门

11. Aggressive (adj.) [ə'ɡrɛsɪv] 侵略性的;好斗的;有进取心的;有闯劲的

12. Invariably (adv.) [ɪn'vɛrɪəbli] 总是;不变地;一定地

13. Mumble (verb) ['mʌmbl] 含糊地说;抿着嘴嚼

14. Flip (verb) [flɪp] 掷;轻击

15. A quarter (noun) 四分之一;二十五美分




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