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把握气运 寻踪国学哲理 诠释辨证论治

2022-04-27 18:14:47200 ℃

摘要 国学哲理贯穿于中医辨证论治全过程。首先,正纲明道是国学哲理融入中医辨证论治的理论根基。《素问·至真要大论篇》通过象思维,即取类比象的思维方法,将气运与病候类属及药性类属相关联以诠释辨证论治原则。其次,大成智慧是守正创新的生命力。《素问·至真要大论篇》以太极阴阳符号系统为基础,论述六气胜复与邪气反胜的症证病状治法,阐明中医辨证论治的整体动态过程。此外,守正创新是在传承的基础上展开的。本团队以《素问·至真要大论篇》六气病机为基础,通过国学哲理取象分类与归纳综合法,提出中风病"毒损脑络"的核心病机并归纳其证候要素,进一步丰富完善了中风病中医辨证论治体系。中医药学是国学的重要组成部分,历代医家遵循国学哲理,形成了中医辨证论治体系。在当今数字化文明新纪元的时代背景下,学习践行国学原理,弘扬中华医药的原创思维、原创优势,构建具有中国特色的统一的医药学,为人类大健康大卫生作出新奉献是当代中医学人的职责。 Philosophy of traditional Chinese culture could be observed through the whole process of pattern differentiation and treatment in traditional Chinese medicine(TCM).First of all,Zhenggang Mingdao is the theoretical foundation for the integration of traditional Chinese culture into TCM pattern differentiation and treatment.In the Chapter of Zhizhenyao Dalun(Essentials on Disease and Therapy)in Suwen(The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic:Basic Questions),qi-circuit theory is associated with disease;patterns and medicinal properties by Xiang image thinking(analogy)to interpret the principles of pattern differentiation and treatment.Secondly,the Dacheng(dialectical)wisdom is the vitality of adhering to and innovation of national medical culture.Based on the symbol system of yin-yang and Taiji,Zhizhen yao Dalun discusses the treatment of patterns and conditions caused by hyperactive state of any six qi or counter-restriction of pathogenic qi,which clarifies the overall dynamic process of TCM pattern differentiation and treatment.In addition,the adhering to and innovation of the national medical culture is carried out on the basis of inheritance.With the traditional Chinese culture and philosophy of analogism and generalization,we have proprosed the core pathogenesis of“toxin damaging brain collaterals”in stroke and summarized the key pattern elements based on the pathogenesis of six qi in Zhizhenyao Dalun,which would further enrich and improve the TCM pattern differentiation and treatment of stroke.As an important part of traditional Chinese culture and philosophy,the system of pattern differentiation and treatment of TCM are formed by doctors in past dynasties under the guidence of ancient philosophy.In the new era of digital civilization,it is our responsibility to promote the original thinking of TCM,build a unified medicine with Chinese characteristics and make new contributions to the great health of human beings by learning and practicing the principles of traditional Chinese culture and philosophy.


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